Windows 10 ( Level 1 )

What is included


Components of a Computer System
The Operating System
Components of a Typical Desktop
Starting a Program
Working with a Window
Creating a Text Document
Saving a Document
Working with Desktop icons
Retrieving a Document
Formatting, Moving  and Copying Text in a Document
Creating a Document in Microsoft Paint
Working with Multiple Windows on the Desktop
Using the Help Facility
Printing a Document, Printing queue

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Duration:  ± 10 hours

This is recommended for a total beginner who has little or no knowledge on computers Get acquainted with the parts and components that make up your computer system and familiarize yourself with the keyboard and mouse.  This module teaches you the very basic, i.e. opening and closing programs, creating a basic document and using cut, copy, paste, text formatting, saving and printing a document.

Course Requirements: No previous experience needed.

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