Microsoft Edge Level 1 and 2

What is included

Microsoft Edge Level 1 and 2

History of te internet

Web Applications

Development of the World Wide Web

Benefits and Limitations of the Internet

Security Considerations

Implications of Various Acts of SA on terms of using Information from the Internet

Physical Context of a Webpage

Resources required to access the Internet.

Navigating the Internet

Searching for Information

Internet Files

Error Messages

Downloading Files

Saving a Web Page

Printing Options

InPrivate Browsing

Changing Display

Working with Favorites

Tabbed Browsing

History Files

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Duration:  ± 10 hours

Be introduce to the internet and the World Wide Web, learn how to navigate and search for information on the internet, create and manage online accounts, understand the concepts and terms of the internet and using the basic and intermediate features of webpages, etc.

Course Requirements:  Delegate must have basic knowledge on operating a computer system as well as using generic functions, (i.e. copy, paste, etc.)

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