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Why computer training? Proper use of computers ensures that your team is using the resources at their disposal effectively. The computer is paid for. Microsoft Office is paid for. What is not paid for is the hourly expense of having unnecessary or incompetent staff on the payroll. Invest in computer training to ensure that your team saves hours every day on working smarter, doing more things, more accurately with lower cost and frustration. Often it is not good enough to have just that one smart person in the team; he/she might know it all, but there is a lot of efficiency going to waste when your other team members cannot utilise the programs that has been bought, effectively and with confidence.


At our Centre in Bellville

You can send any employee at times that will suit the business, or if you have a group that you would like to up skill, we can run classes for them. Are training centre is open from Monday till Saturday and your employees can come at times that suits them or the business with free secure parking

We also offer some courses over 1 or 2 days as public courses at our centre where you can just send your employees to attend the course.

On-Site Training

We can come to you! If you have 4 or more learners that must attend a course then we come to your premise. All of the necessary learning tools are provided, including class notes, computers and software. All we require is a meeting room. Our unique training style will ensure no topic is unexplored, no question remains unanswered, and all participants exit the course more knowledgeable than when they entered. There is no additional cost and we are normally very accommodating with dates that suits you

Public Courses

Check out future days when we will have courses on fixed days? This is if you where you can send your employees on computer training but also soft skills. All Accredited. Follow us on Facebook for more information.


Assessment: An assessment is given to each participant in the course. If completed successfully they will receive a Certificate of Competence. Alternatively we provide a Certificate of Attendance. Although not required for short courses we can also offer the full summative assessment (POE) at an additional cost.




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With us you receive your own printed manual, you come for training at times that suits you or your employer. You work at a pace that you can handle.  This makes training with us Fun and Easy!

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