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Cyber Minds Bellville offer Microsoft Excel for the beginner to more advanced classes. This courses will enable you to use this versatile program with confidence in the workplace.  We do not measure the time. It is about you completing the course successfully!

Companies: The training can be done at our premise or if you are a group we can come to your premise where we bring our own laptops without any additional charge.

Microsoft Excel – Level 1 US 116937

Level 1 is for persons with zero knowledge of Excel. You will learn how to create basic formulas, basic formatting and printing.

Learn to create spreadsheets as well as using basic formulas (plus, minus, division and multiplication) for easy and repetitive calculations.

Course Requirements:  Delegate must be able to operate a computer system as well as using generic functions, (i.e. copy, paste, etc.)

Creative Minds Bellville Excel Course

Duration:   8-10 hours (Average)

Chapter One: Getting to know Excel
Chapter Two: Entering Data in a Spreadsheet
Chapter Three: Manipulating data in a Spreadsheet
Chapter Four: Basic Formulas
Chapter Five: Editing a Spreadsheet
Chapter Six: Formatting a Spreadsheet
Chapter Seven: Special Functions
Chapter Eight: Printing a Spreadsheet
Chapter Nine: More Practise
Chapter Ten: Saving Options

Microsoft Excel – Level 2 US 116940

The intermediate and advanced level takes this to the next level. This helps to become very comfortable with Microsoft Excel and to leave the frustration of knowing that you can do more but not sure how in the past.

Learn how to produce and use spreadsheets for business purposes.  This course covers and introduces the learner to advanced formulas, charts, using outline, what if scenarios, to name a few.

Course Requirements: Delegate must be able to operate a computer system as well as be able to create a spreadsheet, using basic formulas in Excel.  (Refer to Excel Level 1).

Duration:   15 hours (Average)

Areas covered in this module are:
Working with different worksheets
Copying data
More advanced formulas: Percentage, average, etc
Creating charts
Advanced formatting of cells
Printing options
Sorting data

Microsoft Excel – Level 3 US 116943

This course teaches you to import data into Excel, named ranges, working with large documents, conditional formatting, Sub totals, Linking worksheets, Macros, Scenarios, PivotTables, Consolidation of worksheets, replication of worksheet and more.

Course Requirements: Delegate must be a confident user of Excel.  (Refer to Excel Level 2).

Duration:   19 hours (Average)

Chapter One: Importing Data
Chapter Two: Named Ranges
Chapter Three: Large Documents
Chapter Four: Conditional Formatting
Chapter Five: Filtering & Sorting Data
Chapter Seven: Sub Totals
Chapter Eight: Charts
Chapter Nine: Objects
Chapter Ten: Linking Worksheets
Chapter Twelve: Advanced Display Features
Chapter Thirteen: Macros
Chapter Fourteen: Functions
Chapter Fifteen: Goal Seek
Chapter Sixteen: Scenarios
Chapter Seventeen: Pivot Tables
Chapter Eighteen: Protection

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